About Us

                        Our Story
In 1967,Noor ala Noor has been established as a private company
of lighting and electrical accessories – a company that runs with
the spirit of improvement .It is safe to say that today we view
oneself as a leading institution in the Jordanian market due to our
constant attention to high quality. Currently Noor ala Noor is one
of the leading Jordanian Companies , specialized in supplying and
installing Indoor and Outdoor Lighting fixtures, Furniture ,Energy
saving solutions ,Wiring accessories , Lighting control systems,
Smart Home systems, Green building solutions ,Fire alarm,
Security and CCTV systems.

           Our Mission

To provide Integrity & customization that meet up with sophisticated
standards for your space by offering endless concepts of lighting ,furniture
& smart buildings solutions.

           Our Vision

    To be the solution provider to all leading companies and institution 
    who cares about good lighting environment and to be the globally 
    sought solution company.