Lighting Using Spotlight

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What is a spotlight?
The best spotlight type 
How to install spotlights in gypsums?
How to choose the size of the spotlights?
Types of spotlights Halogen gypsum bulbsSaving gypsum bulbsLED gypsum board
Home lighting ideas using spotlights 
Disadvantages of using spotlights 

What is a spotlight?

Spotlight is one of the best modern lighting methods that give a civilized appearance. To get spotlight lighting in a beautiful and harmonious house, the interior decoration of the house and that the lighting should distinctively be consistent with the design of the house, whether classic or modern design. Also, the spotlight is a stable lighting unit that is included in the construction and the architectural structure of residential units, homes, and installations in general.

For example, when designing a gypsum board ceiling with dimmed lighting that covers the entire ceiling, it will give an integrated complete look. To design the home uniquely and highlight the beautiful parts of the house, the distribution of strong and clear light is suggested. Nevertheless, the use of the spotlight is considered one of the most important elements of the success of the decoration.

The best spotlight type

Back in time, there was only one type of spotlight that used to have a frame. It wasn’t preferred at all because if the spot burned you need to change the whole spotlight with the frame. However, spotlight options have developed in the recent year, by which if anything ever happened to the light, one has the option to change only the light, not with the frame. Therefore, the best option is to have the frame and the bulb separated from each other, and if any damage occurred to the bulb, you can remove it from the frame and change it, while the frame may remain in place for many years.

How to install spotlights in gypsums?

  1. First, the size of the spotlight should be taken into consideration. Both front and back sides should be measured. 
  2. Second, we measure the area of the gypsum that we want to install the bulb in, then we cut the gypsum in the shape of the bulb that will be installed.
  3. Third, we install the bulb in the gypsum board with its wires connected from inside the gypsum board.

How to choose the size of the spotlight?

The size of the spotlight should be chosen according to the space of installation. It is preferred that you always put spotlights in gypsum based on four corners of the room. For example:

  • Spots 7cm 
  • Spots 14cm
  • Spots 17cm
  • Spots 20cm 


Types of spotlights 

Generally, spotlights in gypsum are categorized into three types:

  • Halogen gypsum bulbs

This type of spotlight has become widespread due to its competitive advantage in the intensity of its lighting and is considered the best type, but it has a disadvantage that it consumes a large amount of electricity compared to the rest of the types, and its life span is quite short together.


  • Saving gypsum bulbs 

This quality of spotlight is distinguished because of its economical electricity consumption, its life span is longer than halogen bulbs, and its lighting is good. However, it is not as strong as required.


  • LED gypsum board 

This type of spotlight is considered the best among the three because of its amazing features, including its long life span, as well as its brightness and does not emit much heat. However, it has some negatives like its excessive electricity consumption.

Home lighting ideas using spotlights 

There is enormous amount of ideas about displaying spotlights, and some are:

  • Notable spotlights for different looks

This design gives you a unique look on the ceiling, you can mix it with medium and basic lighting. Also, you can mix it with a modern ceiling design and multiple lighting. Taking into account the consistency of colors in the design.


  • Even spotlights with soft lighting

This design is in demand mostly for modern homes. It can be partnered with the LED strips of soft lighting, and also the double spots can be used to give strong lighting with the help of multiple lighting from the LED.


  • Big spots for practical solutions 

The large spots can be used as a practical solution in kitchens because it lightens up a large space; strong lighting suits all kitchen uses. Taking into account, the aesthetic design of the place so that the use of the kitchen becomes comfortable and integrated.


  • Forming the gypsum with spots

When we make gypsum profiles in another form, such as spiral or corrugated shape, with curves of distinct shapes, we can distribute the spots in a very organized manner, which makes the shape of the ceiling and lighting appropriate.


For more information regarding home lighting ideas using spotlights, feel free to read the following page.


Disadvantages of using spotlight 

One of the disadvantages of using spotlight bulbs is that they may burn if not installed correctly. So, the wire must be connected appropriately to the ceiling, and then the bulb must be installed with gypsum. This type of lighting source needs ventilation. As a matter of fact, that many believe that the reason for the burning of the bulb is that its life span is short and that it’s of poor quality since the bulbs burn out quickly, so care must be taken when installing them.


To find out how to distribute lighting or spotlights in gypsum suspended ceilings, check the following Link.


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