Outdoor lighting

Table of content 
1.What is outdoor lighting?
2.Outdoor lighting types 
3.The art of lighting outdoors and open spaces 
4.Techniques for external lighting 

What is outdoor lighting?

Outdoor lighting is divided into investment (or service) lighting and decorative lighting. The main reason for investment (or service) lighting is for providing security and meeting the lighting criteria for outdoor spaces. Most of the investment in external lighting requires special expertise that is only available in the competent lighting engineer. The lighting of airports, stadiums, and streets is a specialist’s work that requires skill and experience in the field.

Outdoor lighting is usually essential for big open spaces. Its shapes and types vary from one to another. In general, external lighting is used for safety purposes, determining the road, brightening the way, and showing dark areas to avoid injuries. But, it is also used as one of the most important elements of decoration and beauty.

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Outdoor lighting types 

Lighting types fall under two main categories: indoor and outdoor. The internal lighting has special characteristics and conditions that make it completely different from the exterior lighting. Likewise, the lighting branches and varies in every variety, and among the types of external lighting that we see in our public life are the following

  • Lighting poles

Traditionally, lighting poles are used in public places and main streets to lighten up the path at night time; that is usually for safety. One of its important characteristics is that it lightens up a huge space. Modern outdoor street lighting poles (lanterns) are high-tech devices that provide adequate lighting for the sidewalk and road at night. For more details, check.

  • Searchlights 

Searchlights are considered one of the oldest traditional outdoor lighting, it can be installed in the streets utilizing a traditional or modern lighting pole or in gardens, then the methods of its installation will differ, as some are installed above on relatively medium-length lighting poles or are installed in the garden ground and be treated as Necessary to withstand irrigation water when spraying plants and does not get damaged, and their shapes vary from round to square, for more click on the link.

  • Wall lighting 

Wall lighting is one of the most central types of external lighting, as it adds beauty to the gardens or the corridors of some buildings or the walls surrounding the stairs, in which the lighting is upper, usually for decoration and decoration or lower, and the shape of the lighting is down and the lighting source is in a high position. Or both, bringing the two together, upper and lower, or widespread, and each type has its love and ownership.


  • Installation lighting 

This type of outdoor lighting works greatly in places that needs a lot of lighting. This lighting may be in the form of classic lighting in some cases, so the lamp will be similar to an old lantern is suspended to give a different vibe.

The art of lighting outdoors and open spaces 

The art of lighting the gardens shows the beauty of the garden at night. It allows spending plenty of time in it so that various activities can be practiced, such as relaxation and reading. However, when you think about the lighting of the house, the external lighting is not thought of and planned enough, even though it seems strange Illumination has a direct effect on how we perceive and feel in the interior.


One of the things that must be emphasized in the garden through lighting

  • Stairs and thresholds. If they are present, must be provided with adequate lighting to achieve the security aspect first and then the aesthetic. Each threshold of the stairs should be radiated with a light that determines its position beautifully, as well as the main corridor leading to the house where regular non-glowing floor units can be used.
  • The places designated to sit in the garden need adequate lighting, such as the areas around the pool or the seating platforms, and the lighting that matches the wall or overhead lighting.
  • The aesthetic facades, arches, columns and stone surfaces, and the facades of the house need strong light that distinguishes them and highlights their aesthetics, as well as the external fence of the house needs and if there are plants on the fence highlight it better, and lighting on the fence is considered a security element as well.
  • Plants and trees in the garden need lighting that highlights their aesthetic value. Various types of lighting can be used.

Also, in order to show the beauty of your garden and the elements outside your home, there are many different techniques (means) used in the design of outdoor lighting.

Techniques for external lighting 

To show the beauty of your home and the other elements outside the perimeter of your residence and inside the fence, many different techniques can be applied in the design of external lighting, and the differences lie in the position of the lighting sources and their directions up, down, or on the sides. Some of these techniques include:

  • Overhead lighting

It is the lighting that is facing upwards. It can be installed on trees with extended branches (on large trees) or the grass carpet, and it can also be installed on the exterior of the house to show the details of the decoration and architectural design.

  • Downlight

It is the lighting that covers certain areas of the entrances and exits of the house or the back garden so that it is a source of security for the house. It can also be installed on the outside wall of the house. It is also suitable if installed on trees or flower beds.

  • Lunar Illumination

It does the same job as overhead lighting, but more softly and simply, as it is installed over tall trees, to get lunar lighting and a natural feeling.

  • Shadow lighting

To get shadow lighting on the trees in the garden, we shine a light on them so that they are facing the wall by distancing and zooming in on the light source.

  • Cross lighting

When we want to light plants or any agricultural décor, we want side lighting, which is called cross-lighting, so that the elements appear without any shadows that hide them, so they are clear and stereoscopic.

  • Mirror lighting

It is the lighting that is used in swimming pools to show an artistic model on the surface of the water, by shining light on the back of the model to be reflected on the surface of the water.


External and internal lighting is one of the most important elements of decoration and the most important pillars of the house. So, please visit the showrooms of Noor Ala Noor for lighting systems, furnishings, and smart solutions systems to learn more about the types of lights and how to install and distribute them in the home with the best engineering team specialized in the field of lighting.