Optical smoke detector

The ED100 optical smoke detector is based on the Tyndall effect (diffusion of light) and provides firstrate early warning in […]

Manual callpoint

The EC0020 Manual callpoint with resettable element operated by plastic key (included).

Intelligent Photo Detector

Vega V100 The signal processing used by this detector efficiently analyzes the conditions within the protected environment and ensures high […]


VCP100 callpoints connect directly to the detection loops of addressable analogue control panels.

Optical smoke and heat detector

Low-profile analogue optical smoke and heat detector in white enclosure. Provides a bayonet fitting for connection to an addressable base.

Beacon with high-efficiency LED

Suitable for connection to the detection loop of a fire detection panel. Requires addressable mounting base.


Wireless Optical Smoke Detector.


Analogue addressable control panel with networking capability for automatic fire detection and alarm signaling systems.

Analogue control panel

The analogue control panels from the Previdia Compact range are the perfect solution for small to medium installations, they combine […]


Remote keypad with a neat, aesthetically pleasing design for both Previdia Compact and Previdia Max control panels.


Control panel with 1 loop, non-expandable, equipped with keypad, display and status LEDs. This model can be enhanced with a […]


Control panel with 1 loop, non-expandable, unequipped flush front.


Remote repeater panel equipped with display and user-interface keypad (up to 4 for each control panel).


Power supply station connectable to the RS485 BUS or to the loop.