Significance of artificial intelligence technology in smart homes

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What is artificial intelligence?
Artificial intelligence applications 
What are smart homes?
The upcoming revolution for all smart homes Artificial intelligence sensors Smart lighting Smart battery technology 
Smart homes features 

What is artificial intelligence?

Artificial intelligence is a feature of computer programs, which allows it to act as humans whether it is their mentality, capabilities, and patterns of work. Among the most important of these characteristics is the ability to deduce and learn reactions and situations that were not previously programmed in the machine. 

Nevertheless, artificial intelligence is used in data mining, logistics, medical diagnostics and many other areas in all sectors of the technology industry. 

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Artificial intelligence applications 

Artificial intelligence platforms can perform complex and intelligent functions related to human thinking, the most important functions that are at the global level, came as follows:

  1. Google cloud AI platform 
  2. Microsoft Azure AI platform 
  3. IBM Watson 
  4. BigML
  5. Infosys Nia 

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What are smart homes?

Smart homes are homes that depend on using sensory devices that are connected to the internet to observe and control everything virtually. These include but are not limited to heating and lighting systems. Smart automation offers both safety and comfort to the homeowners, in which the main aim for them is to control all devices, lights, and other systems virtually by simply using their smartphones that have access to Wi-Fi. The future is smart homes!

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The upcoming revolution for all smart homes 

In line with the technological development that the world has witnessed in recent years and what has brought about a qualitative leap in our lives, from the spread of smart phones, internet of things technologies and artificial intelligence, smart homes have become abundant because of their multiple advantages, and the most important of these technologies are:

  • Artificial intelligence sensors 

Artificial intelligence sensors are considered devices of high importance in the smart devices world. These devices provide homes with the advantage of artificial intelligence. By which, the devices can respond to commands, gestures, and sounds in addition to being able to process images and video recordings. Nonetheless, these smart operations offer various household electrical appliances and multitask automatically.


  • Smart lighting 

Thanks to the artificial intelligence features, now you can control your lighting in terms of color, brightness, various characteristics, and more. All this happens by just observing, programming, and sensing according to one’s demands. 


  • Smart battery technology 

The features of smart homes will give you the chance to power solar energy systems and optimized battery technology to store additional energy, as it will connect these battery systems to mobile applications. This will eventually enable efficient use of energy and save enormous costs. Above all, there are many other technologies related to artificial intelligence, home automation and the internet of things such as: smart locks, medical diagnostics, 3D printing, smart surfaces, smart wearable clothes, and others. 


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Smart home features

When designing a smart home based on smart systems, comfort will be a demand that needs to be met by homeowners. They should be able to control all devices and sensory systems using one device, usually, a smartphone or tablet is preferred to be used, and this is by obtaining notifications and updates about problems in their homes. For example, users can control the internal temperature, lighting, and devices, as well as controlling and reducing energy consumption, which reduces the total cost.

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