Sound Systems

Table of content
1.What are sound systems?
2.How do audio headphones work?
3.Types of headphones
4.Support services for sound systems
5.Multi-room audio

What are sound systems?

It is a combination of microphones, signal processors, amplifiers, and ceiling speakers all controlled by a controller that makes live or pre-recorded sounds louder and may also distribute these sounds to a larger or more distant audience.

Sound systems can be used in many places such as schools, universities, malls, mosques, churches, and others.

The sound reinforcement system is also used to enhance or change the voice.

There are two ways in which audio systems work, either by creating their network or by using the wireless network “Wi-Fi”.

How do audio headphones work?

Speakers are considered one of the devices that cannot be commanded with as they are found in any audio system such as TV, recorder, computer, phone, etc., and the purity and clarity of the sound depend on the type of headphones used.

So if you have a high-quality audio recording and you play the audio recording on a connected device with low-quality headphones you get a bad result that does not reflect the quality of the recorded sound.

The headphone is the last stage in translating the audio signals and producing the sound, and it corresponds to the microphone in the stage of recording the sound, where the headphone creates the electrical signals into a mechanical movement that produces the audible sound.

Types of headphones

  • Ceiling speakers
  • Wall-mounted headphones
  • Headphones recessed into the wall


Support services for sound systems

  • Main Support: Allows you to stream music directly from device to speaker.
  • Advanced Support: This Allows you to create a fully functional multi-room sound system using Airplay or via Bluetooth.


Multi-room audio

It is the sound system that allows listening to sound in several different rooms at the same time. According to the system and the equipment used in this system, it is possible to control the play of different musical compositions and songs in different rooms at the same time and through one system. In other words the same piece of music or song can be played in all rooms at the same time, or the switch between the two systems and it is possible to connect the speakers of the system Multi-room audio wirelessly and controlled via smartphone applications.

Intercom device

It is a voice communication device that consists of two units, the external unit is a strong unit of ammonium to withstand high temperatures and is characterized by shapes and colors that suit all tastes .

In addition the internal unit is the headphones that are available in different colors and shapes, and we can also install the audio intercom for buildings and towers and villas.

 There are two types of audio intercom systems:

  • Individual systems: which is a complete audio intercom that includes (the intercom kit, the panel, and the switch) and is characterized by the ability to open and close the door automatically and also to install additional intercoms on the same line, and these systems are suitable for an apartment or two apartments at most.
  • Collective Systems: which is a group intercom that can accommodate more than 100 lines, and this system also includes (adapter, intercom number, and panels) with the ability to open the door automatically and install a single intercom kit on the same line.

In conclusion Noor Ala Noor Company offers multiple options of audio systems, However with the provision of an engineering team to consult and provide multiple services.