Television circuit – surveillance camera systems (cctv)

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What is the television circuit?
Types of surveillance camera systems
The role of surveillance cameras in uncovering crimes in Jordan
Types of connecting cables

What is CCTV?

This term is usually used to refer to surveillance cameras that are located in areas that require continuous monitoring and additional protection, as they work to transmit a signal to a specific location on a limited number of screens. TV circuits or camera surveillance systems can be used in many areas, including monitoring parts of operations inside control rooms in industrial facilities or used in crime prevention areas around the world. The monitoring process can be defined as monitoring the behavior of people, things, or processes to ensure the progress of work. Both natural and expected for protection and social security.

The development of the first video surveillance system dates back to 1926 by the Russian physicist Leon Theremin and was installed for the first time in the Kremlin court in Moscow to monitor incoming visitors, then the beginning was the installation of the first television circuit system in a commercial complex in the United States in 1949 and according to estimates, there will be 1 billion surveillance cameras in use by 2021. To learn more about the history of the television circuit, visit this website.

Types of surveillance camera systems

Surveillance cameras differ in terms of shape and use and have multiple types of varying accuracy and clarity. These cameras transmit the signal that is captured in two ways, and each type has advantages and disadvantages. In our selection of a type, we depend on the conditions of the place, the working conditions of the camera, the distance from which the signal is transmitted, and the quality of the image to be captured, and from the types of cameras used:

  • External cameras
  • Indoor Cameras
  • PTZ Mobile Cameras 
  • Wireless Cameras 
  • IP Network Cameras

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The role of surveillance cameras in detecting crimes in Jordan

Security experts and academics have confirmed that the presence of surveillance cameras, whether they are security cameras or surveillance cameras inside private facilities and government institutions, has greatly contributed to uncovering many crimes and their methods of perpetration, and the specialized security agencies have also helped in their investigations, whether in murder, theft or security crimes. In addition to its role in detecting terrorists and avoiding terrorist operations around the world, which greatly contributed to shortening the time and effort for investigation teams and security services.

Locally, the command and control system of the Jordanian Public Security Directorate was established to keep pace with developments in the field of communication and information technology technologies, as this system operates several technical systems that support its work, such as the CCTV system by installing them in vital areas and streets that witness traffic movement Dense, which strengthened the process of control and censorship and helped to regulate traffic movements and maintain internal security. 

To learn more, the role of crime detection cameras locally, visit this link.


Types of connection cables

3 types of connection cables are used for surveillance systems in cameras and they differ from each other at data transfer speed:

  • Type 1: Coaxial Cable 
  • Type Two: Internet Cables
  • Type 3: twisted-pair cables 


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